Gumuk Pasir Parangtritis Yogyakarta

Among the Depok Parangtritis Beach and there is a view of the impressive and unique i.e. There is desert sand that is usually found in the countries of the Middle East or North Africa. Of course this is not just any desert because this natural phenomenon exists only on the southern coast of Jogjakarta in kaliurang Parangtritis beach. The presence of the desert is of course a magnet for tourists because of local travelers need not be all the way out of the country just to see the sandy dunes, currently fairly came to the Jogjakarta and scenery typical of desert sand can enjoyed.

Knoll or mound of sand dunes are the result of a natural phenomenon for centuries or even millennia.  Activity of Mount Merapi, Parangtritis Beach and Opaque, creating an exceptional work of sand dune. The sand there is Mount Merapi volcanic materials carried by the flow of the Opak River until its estuary in the South Sea. The next process is the great ocean waves buffeting and constantly causes the volcanic materials undergo grinding and became a grain of sand that is very smooth. A grain of sand then swept away by the wind to the Mainland and creating a desert sand dune named by locals.

The desert is known as the sand dune. Currently, sand dune becomes attraction for the visitor who originally only wanted to come to Parangtritis beach or beach. They are flocking like myself to come to this place to enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of one of the natural phenomena that exist in Indonesia, Southeast Asia even though. There is a sand dune in Parangtritis has even been recognized as world heritage or world heritage by the United Nations. So this place's popularity is increasing very rapidly and became the main destination when it comes to Jogjakarta.

Parangtitis sand dunes has been well managed by local citizens and local governments. This area has been styled and developed to attract the tourists who came to the Jogjakarta. The visitor who came not only come from Jogjakarta, but many citizens outside the busy-busy Town came to this location to enjoy to view and of course air-selfie together with a partner or friends. Travelers who come from varied young people up to the adults.
Another attraction is the tourists could feel the sensation of surfing from the top of the Hill using a slide Board or famous with the term sand boarding. There are several places with skating Board rental price varies depending on the length of its duration. Generally the person who will try to challenge the activity of this extreme and attempt to conquer the dunes.

Southern sand dune site is very easy to reach so that tourists who are interested in coming to this location does not have to worry about. Sand dunes in the East or West Coast of Depok Parangtritis beach. There is a smooth asphalt road into the dune so that makes it easy for travelers to find this location.


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