Madasari beach Pangandaran

Madasari Beach
Address location: JL. Pantai, Masawah, Cimerak, Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia 46595
If you are stopping over in Pangandaran, West Java, kabasaran excursions to the beach Madasari is the right choice. Although there are many shore excursions in Pangandaran Beach, yet only Madasari which has a panoramic view of nature is pretty good. Not only that, the natural conditions of its shores are still quite natural because it is rarely touched by tourists, making it better suited for a vacation to cool off.
While on a trip to the beach will find Madasari make sure the trees Terminalia catappa are lined up along the beach. Keberadanya kinda hard to reach travelers, because in a relatively remote and Cimerak if Pengandaran from the beach could take approximately 50 km. below complete information of how to enjoy the beauty of the beach of Madasar in Pangandaran, West Java.

The price of admission at the beach Madasari
Motor IDR7,000,
Wheels IDR25.000,
Small bus IDR110,000,
Big Bus IDR160,000,-

Route to the location to the beach Madasari
The beach of Madasari is located in the village of Masawah Sub-district Cimerak, Regency of Pangandaran. To get to the beach, from the city centre towards Pangandaran Cimerak Beach Tourism object, passing the Stone. Then from Legokjawa towards straight Cimerak, turn left into Bulakbenda and get Madasari.
Tourism in the beach Madasari

The State Of The Beach Madasari
The beach of Madasari is able to offer a very beautiful natural view nan. Not only that, crashing waves of the sea is quite decent sehigga place great for surfing. Although the distance traveled quite far, but along the way you will become the natural beauty as well. Perhaps for those of you who like the silence of nature, day trips to the beach of Madasari in West Java, it is perfectly fitting to quiet the mind. Because of this coastal area still looks so natural and is rarely visited by tourists. But in the beach has provided some public facilities, such as a prayer hall and Tolilet.

Roll waves and Coral Beach
You need to know primarily prospective tourists Madasari Beach, in the water receding beaches must be vigilant because in the coastal area are still many sea urchins who get carried away by the waves roll. But there are moments of the most fun that you can see on the coast of Madasari, i.e. be able to see the sea waves slammed into reefs as high as 5-6 meters, because it cannot be seen on any beach.

Explore the nature around the beach Madasari
Now is the time you do your adventure with nature hike around the beautiful Madasari Beach. According to locals in the neighborhood of Pangandaran Beach Madasari are still many animals that are nearly extinct, for example, Partridge or cangehgar. Not only that, there is a small island in the coastal area, so add a very attractive natural scenery and amazing. It would be nice if you visit the beach this bustling crowded like Madasari with my family or friends – let the atmosphere is more cool and exciting.

Waiting For Sunset
IKA you visit Madasari to afternoon Homecoming, then could see the beauty of the charm of the setting sun. You are obligated to take pictures with the background of the panorama of nature that is natural to become a memorable moment. We encourage you to bring the provision of food or beverages from home for more frugality and can be enjoyed at dusk began to come. But remember, don't get home too late at night because the access is not easy.
You might want to take a vacation to the Beach Madasari Pangandaran? Make sure all your Lovato enjoyed enough power throughout the exploitation of natural beach.


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